enGrant Statistics

Total Grants 2,333,142
Grants added last 90 days 49,912
Active Grants 204,742
SBIR/STTR Grants 110,603
Total Funding $481,464,613,286
Organizations 45,623
PIs/Researchers 357,235
Total Publications 1,313,329
Total Patents 11,466
Funding Sources 122

Welcome to enGrant Scientific...

What is enGrant...

enGrant Scientific is the world's most comprehensive source of information on scientific research grants, research activity and funding trends. We've assembled the largest and most comprehensive database of research activity in existence. In a single place, you have complete and current access to all major sources of scientific research funding including the NIH, NSF, FDA, CDC and dozens of other public and private funding sources.

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What's the enGrant Search Engine...

The enGrant Search Engine gives you direct access to a database of over 2.25 million scientific research grants funding the work of 350,000 primary investigators. With our sophisticated hybrid search engine you can begin with a free-form search just as you'd use Google and then filter to find just the areas of research activity of interest. You can then save your searches as named SearchSpaces for future use.

And your saved SearchSpaces can be directly emailed to colleagues without ever leaving the search engine. Your detailed search results can also be exported and downloaded for future use in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel, CSV and XML.

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What is GrantScape...

GrantScape is our unique data exploration and analysis tool. With GrantScape, you can explore a broad range of detailed information about each research project, primary investigator and organization including access to 1.3 million peer-reviewed publications and over 12,000 patents associated with each researcher and research project.

In addition, the GrantScape visualization tools provide you with a high-level understanding of the full range of activities associated with each researcher and organization.

Who needs enGrant...

The enGrant Search Engine is a valuable resource for anyone in the research community needing to stay current with ever changing research and funding trends and to keep up to date on grant awards from ALL the major funding organizations.

For biotech sales and marketing professionals, enGrant is a vital resource for directing your efforts to those researchers and labs best able to benefit from your unique products and services. With enGrant, you can easily identify specific areas of research activity and funding levels.

For sales and marketing professionals that need additional tools, there are inexpensive month-to-month and annual subscriptions that will give you full access to all the available features including additional data and unlimited downloading of search results.