Frequently Asked Questions

What is enGrant

enGrant is the world’s most comprehensive source of information on scientific research grants, research activity and funding trends. This information is available through the enGrant Search Engine…an intuitive online tool that allow you to search a database of over 2.6 million scientific research grants and the work of 350,000 unique researchers.

What information is available through the enGrant Search Engine?

  • 2.25 Million Scientific Research Grants
  • 122 Unique Funding Sources
  • 350,000 Primary Investigators & Researchers
  • 44,000 Universities, Companies and Government Agencies
  • 1.3 Million Peer Reviewed Publications
  • 12,000 Patents resulting from the funded research projects
  • $450B in total Grant Funding

What grant information is included in the enGrant database?

enGrant continuously gathers data from over 120 funding sources including such major agencies as:

  • NIH - National Institute of Health
  • NSF - National Science Foundation
  • CDC - Center for Disease Control
  • FDA - US Food and Drug Administration
  • VA - Department of Veterans Affairs
  • and dozens of additional public and private funding sources

enGrant is continuing to add additional sources on an ongoing basis…

How often is the enGrant database updated?

Information from primary sources such as NIH, NSF, CDC and FDA is aggregated and updated to the database on a bi-weekly basis.

What are the advantages of enGrant vs. NIH RePORTER?

The enGrant database is significantly larger than NIH RePORTER. It contains the full contents of NIH RePORTER as well as significant grant and research information from a wide array of additional public and private sources.

The enGrant Search Engine is a more intuitive and functional tool to search, review and analyze research activity. With NIH RePORTER, information pertaining to a single grant is scattered across multiple screens.

With the enGrant Search Engine, you also have options for exporting and sharing of search results with colleagues that cannot be matched by anything available through NIH RePORTER.

What other features does enGrant offer?

The enGrant Search Engine -

  • Hybrid Search Engine combining Search & Filtering
  • Save & Name Your Searches for Future Use
  • Share Your Saved Searches with Colleagues
  • Visualization by top Organizations & Researchers

The GrantScape Analysis Tool -

  • Project & Award Ranking for each Researcher
  • PI & Award Ranking for each Organization
  • Full List of Researchers at each Organization
  • Historical Funding Trends by Organization
  • Historical Funding Trends by PI/Researcher

Exporting of Grant Search Results -

  • Export to Excel, CSV, XML and other formats
  • Full Contact Information for each Researcher
  • Exporting of Full Grant Abstracts

Who can benefit from using the enGrant Search Engine?

Researchers -

  • Track funding within your research area
  • Track funding trends within your Organization
  • Identify potential research collaborators
  • Keep up-to-date on awarded grants

Marketing -

  • Track shifts in large-scale funding trends
  • Create targeted promotional campaigns for specific product and services

Sales Managers and Sales Representatives -

  • Track funding for your targeted institutions and research area
  • Identify research and funding in specific labs

What does enGrant cost?

FREE for most users. Most of the basic features of the site are available to Registered Users. Registration is a simple signup process where all you need to provide is an email address and password.

There are subscription available options for business users that need more extensive access to additional data and export and analysis capabilities.

How do I get started?

You can begin search right away…just go to and enter your search terms in the Search box at the top of the screen.

Many additional features are available for Registered Users. Just click on the Create an Account link in the upper right-hand corner and enter your Name, Email Address and a Password.

What are the advantages of purchasing a subscription to enGrant?

Here’s a summary of what the various subscription options offered and their associated costs:

Anonymous User Free Account Basic Subscriber Plus Subscriber Unlimited Subscriber
Ideal for Casual Users Researchers Small Business Small Business Corporate
Licensed Users single single single single up to 3
Subscription Price FREE FREE $99/month $600/month $500/month
Subscription Period --- --- monthly six months annual
Available Export Fields no exports 7 16 16 + Abstracts 16 + Abstracts
Maximum Export Size no exports 500/export 2000/export unlimited unlimited

How can I contact enGrant for questions or problems ?

Contact us at:

Phone: (713) 364-3360

Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm CST, Monday-Friday