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  Project Number Source Project Title Principal Investigator Organization Fiscal Year Total Award
1 1F31AA013222-01 NIH Mediators And Moderators Of A Brief Alcohol Intervention Heather R. Lachance University Of Colorado At Boulder 2001 $24,952
2 1F31AA014847-01 NIH Genetic Correlates Of Alcohol Use Disorders Lara Ray University Of Colorado At Boulder 2004 $28,114
3 1F31MH064299-01A1 NIH Neurotransmitter Genes In Personality Trait Variation Srijan Sen University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 2002 $25,480
4 1F31MH082558-01 NIH Gene X Environment Interactions In Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Holly D. Barnard University Of Denver 2007 $37,374
5 1F31MH088074-01 NIH Etiology Of Adolescent Depression: Gene And Social Environment Interactions Erin Cathleen Dunn Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) 2009 $28,552
6 1F32AA005522-01 NIH Alcoholic Subtype, Treatment Outcome, And Genotype Luke W. Galen University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 1998
7 1F32AA005532-01 NIH Genotype, Typology And Alcoholism Treatment Outcome Scott F. Stoltenberg University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 1998
8 1F32AA018629-01 NIH Alcohol And Hiv Risk: Genetic And Endophenotype Approaches Christian S. Hendershot University Of New Mexico 2009 $47,405
9 1F32MH077382-01 NIH Neural Mechs Of Cognition In Adhd & Externalizing Behav Colin G. Deyoung Yale University 2006 $43,996
10 1K01DA025131-01A1 NIH Smoking, Neurocircuitry, And Genes In Adult Adhd Jean G. Gehricke University Of California Irvine 2009 $146,835
11 1K01MH074573-01A1 NIH Dependence Of The Development Of Attention On Genotype John A. Fossella Weill Medical College Of Cornell Univ 2006 $154,742
12 1K01MH086809-01A1 NIH Imaging Genetics Of Extinction Of Conditioned Fear Responses In Anxiety Christine L. Larson University Of Wisconsin Milwaukee 2010 $165,167
13 1K07CA126988-01A2 NIH Bio-Behavioral Smoking Profiles In Mexican Origin Youth Anna V. Wilkinson University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr 2008 $134,660
14 1K08MH066072-01 NIH Genetics Of Executive Functions In Adhd & Non-Adhd Alysa E. Doyle Massachusetts General Hospital 2002 $163,565
15 1K23MH066275-01A1 NIH Genetics Of Adhd Josephine Elia Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia 2003 $179,582
16 1K23MH066284-01 NIH Linkage & Association In Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Marco A. Grados Hugo W. Moser Res Inst Kennedy Krieger 2002 $176,896
17 1K23MH083881-01A1 NIH Medication Response In Children With Predominantly Inattentive Type Adhd Tanya Elizabeth Froehlich Children's Hospital Med Ctr (Cincinnati) 2009 $175,105
18 1R01AA009379-01 NIH Controls For Association Studies Of Alcoholism Kenneth K. Kidd Yale University 1992
19 1R01AA011330-01 NIH 5 Ht And Da System Genes In Alcohol Dependence Joel Gelernter Yale University 1997
20 1R01AA014886-01A2 NIH New Pharmacotherapy For Alcohol Dependence: Olanzapine Kent E. Hutchison University Of Colorado At Boulder 2006 $521,217
21 1R01AA016978-01A1 NIH Mechanisms Linkng Alcohol Use And Smoking Relapse Risk Christopher W. Kahler Brown University 2008 $472,691
22 1R01AA017390-01 NIH Hiv Prevention With Adolescents: Neurocognitive Deficits And Treatment Response Angela D. Bryan University Of New Mexico 2007 $595,425
23 1R01AG024153-01 NIH Drd4 And Behavior In The Oldest-Old Robert K. Moyzis University Of California Irvine 2004 $524,572
24 1R01CA100802-01A2 NIH Gene X Environment Factors In Smoking Cessation Andrew Hyland Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp 2004 $475,229
25 1R01DA014642-01 NIH Progression Of Craving And Addiction: Genetic Factors Kent E. Hutchison University Of Colorado At Boulder 2001 $290,216
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