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  Project Number Source Project Title Principal Investigator Organization Fiscal Year Total Award
1 0642848 NSF Exploring the Neural Dynamics of Cognition through Human Electrocorticography Rajesh Rao University Of Washington 2007 $613,670
2 0905468 NSF HCC: Medium: RUI: Control of a Robotic Manipulator via a Brain-Computer Interface Dean Krusienski University Of North Florida 2009 $742,685
3 0926196 NSF Using Neuroimaging to Test Models of Speech Motor Control John Houde University of California-San Francisco 2009 $233,332
4 0928723 NSF Self-Tuned Critical Networks Marcelo Magnasco Rockefeller University 2009 $599,147
5 0930908 NSF Electrocorticographic Brain-Machine Interfaces for Communication and Prosthetic Control Rajesh Rao University Of Washington 2009 $300,000
6 1064912 NSF HCC: Medium: Control of a Robotic Manipulator via a Brain-Computer Interface Dean Krusienski Old Dominion University Research Foundation 2010 $607,230
7 1137211 NSF EFRI-M3C: Development of New Algorithmic Models and Tools to Enhance Neural Adaptation in Brain Computer Interface Systems. Daniel Moran Washington University 2011 $1,992,456
8 1F31NS073167-01 NIH Ecog Correlates Of Visuomotor Transformation And Application To A Force-Based Bci Jordan J. Williams Washington University 2011 $28,097
9 1F32NS061483-01A1 NIH Relationship Of Field And Action Potentials Within The Frontoparietal Cortex John Michael-Kurt Mislow Children's Hospital Boston 2008 $54,842
10 1F32NS061552-01 NIH Electrocorticographic Study Of Categorical Phoneme Perception In The Human Tempor Edward Chang University Of California San Francisco 2008 $51,278
11 1F32NS061616-01 NIH Electrocorticography Of Speech Perception And Production Erik Edwards University Of Washington 2008 $44,846
12 1F32NS071738-01 NIH Magnetoencephalographic Detection Of High-Frequency Activity In Epilepsy Patients Manu Hegde University Of California San Francisco 2010 $55,790
13 1K08NS001821-01 NIH Cortical Electrical Correlates Of Human Cognition Nathan E. Crone Johns Hopkins University 1995
14 1K99NS065120-01A1 NIH Neocortical Mechanisms Of Categorical Speech Perception Edward Chang University Of California San Francisco 2009 $132,214
15 1R01DA026452-01A1 NIH Fronto-Basal-Ganglia Circuits For Selective Stopping And Braking Adam Robert Aron University Of California San Diego 2009 $347,540
16 1R01DC010145-01A1 NIH Neuroimaging Of Speech Motor Control John Francis Houde University Of California San Francisco 2010 $379,906
17 1R01NS064033-01A1 NIH Functional Brain Mapping In Pediatric Neurosurgery Eishi Asano Wayne State University 2009 $336,943
18 1R01NS065186-01A1 NIH Electrocorticography Signals For Human Hand Prosthetics Jeffrey G. Ojemann University Of Washington 2010 $332,430
19 1R21NS076171-01A1 NIH Fusion Of Electromagnetic Brain Imaging And Fmri Srikantan S. Nagarajan University Of California San Francisco 2011 $231,750
20 1R43NS049712-01 NIH Electrocorticography Visualization And Analysis Software Richard E. Greenblatt Source Signal Imaging, Inc. 2004 $100,000
21 2P01NS040813-06 NIH Cortical-Cortical Interactions In Executive Control Robert Thomas Knight University Of California Berkeley 2008 $186,592
22 2P01NS040813-06 NIH Frontostriatal Contributions To Decesion Making And Learning Richard Ivry University Of California Berkeley 2008 $186,498
23 2P20RR015636-06 NIH Cobre: Unm: Intracerebral Hemorrhage (Ich): Stroke, Neuro, Brain, Ca2+ Sheila Mun-Bryce University Of New Mexico 2006 $301,600
24 2R01EB000856-06 NIH General Purpose Brain-Computer Interface (Bci) System Jonathan Rickel Wolpaw Wadsworth Center 2008 $1,125,450
25 2R01NS030914-13 NIH Development Of Hardware And Software For Clinical Meg Norman Tepley Henry Ford Health System 2009 $698,706
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