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  Project Number Source Project Title Principal Investigator Organization Fiscal Year Total Award
1 1R41AA010172-01 NIH Development Of Herbal Suppressors For Alcohol Intake David Yue-Wei Lee Natural Pharmacia International, Inc. 1994
2 1R41AA011038-01 NIH Sialic Acid-Deficient Apoj (Sdj)--Alcohol Intake Marker Raj M. Lakshman Bioprobes, Inc. 1996
3 1R41AA014312-01A1 NIH Virtual Reality Cue Reactivity For Alcohol Dependence Patrick Shannon Bordnick Virtually Better, Inc. 2004 $149,903
4 1R41AA014449-01 NIH Transitions: High School Alcohol Prevention David L. Wyrick Tanglewood Research, Inc. 2003 $100,000
5 1R41AA014554-01 NIH Transgenic Plant Cells As Source Of Hepatoprotective Dr John M. Littleton Naprogenix, Inc 2003 $100,000
6 1R41AA014555-01 NIH Application Of Plant Genomics To Alcoholic Brain Damage John M. Littleton Naprogenix, Inc 2004 $97,370
7 1R41AA014567-01 NIH Naturally Occurring Agent For Alcohol Liver Diseases David Yue-Wei Lee Natural Pharmacia International, Inc. 2003 $222,677
8 1R41AA015475-01 NIH Potential Anti-Relapse Drugs: A Plant Genomics Approach John M. Littleton Naprogenix, Inc 2004 $107,107
9 1R41AA015480-01 NIH Farnesol Analogues As Novel Treatment Of Alcoholism Jean-baptiste O. Roullet Columbia Biotechnologies Corporation 2005 $99,987
10 1R41AA016029-01 NIH New Opioids For Alcoholism John R. Cashman Behavioral Pharma, Inc. 2006 $161,500
11 1R41AA016030-01 NIH A Stage-Based Tailored Support Tool For Alcohol Counsel Scott M. Strayer Silverchair Science+communication, Inc. 2006 $149,908
12 1R41AA016228-01 NIH Biomarker Of Cognitive Impairment In Chronic Alcoholism Samuel Gershon Phfr, Inc. 2006 $100,370
13 1R41AA016235-01A1 NIH Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Science-Based Prevention Curriculum Kathleen Sulik Science Learning Resources, Inc. 2007 $99,997
14 1R41AA016460-01 NIH Device For Acamprosate Transcutaneous Delivery To Reduce Alcohol Consumption. Robert M. Swift Technova Corporation 2006 $149,998
15 1R41AA016499-01A1 NIH Transdermal Cannabidiol Delivery For Alcohol-Induced Neurodegeneration Kimberly Nixon Alltranz, Inc. 2007 $100,565
16 1R41AA016500-01 NIH Nasal Delivery Of Naltrexone For Treatment Of Alcoholism Daniel Paul Wermeling Intranasal Technology, Inc. 2006 $100,000
17 1R41AA016990-01A1 NIH Recognition And Referral Skills For Ras-Alcohol And Other Drug Problems Dennis L. Thombs Phase 5, Inc. 2008 $139,309
18 1R41AA020451-01A1 NIH Computerized Alcohol Misuse Intervention With Micro-Targeted Normative Feedback Diana Howard Caldwell Research Circle Associates, Llc 2011 $114,674
19 1R41AG012570-01A1 NIH Sod/Catalase--Mimics In Neurodegenerative Diseases Michel Baudry Eukarion, Inc. 1995
20 1R41AG012572-01A1 NIH Detection Of Alzheimer Specific Proteins In Csf Thomas A. Campbell Isolab, Inc. 1995
21 1R41AG012573-01 NIH Low Cost Patient Locator System For Geriatric Wandering Steen A. Parl Signatron Technology Corporation 1994
22 1R41AG012576-01 NIH Human Neurons In Vitro--Characterization Of Receptors Dinah W. Sah Signal Pharmaceuticals, Llc 1994
23 1R41AG013334-01 NIH Dehydroepiandrosterone Treatment Of Alzheimers Disease Paul J. Conlon Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. 1995
24 1R41AG013335-01 NIH Trisomy 21 And A Potential Test For Alzheimers Disease Lisa N. Geller Genica Pharmaceuticals Corporation 1995
25 1R41AG013582-01A2 NIH Research On New Methods Of Retirement Planning B. Douglas Bernheim Economic Security Planning, Inc. 1997
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