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  Project Number Source Project Title Principal Investigator Organization Fiscal Year Total Award
1 1265-31000-080-00D USDA Identification And Manipulation Of Genetic Factors To Enhance Disease Resistance In Dairy Cattle Beltsville Agr Res Center 2006
2 1265-31000-080-08S USDA Improved Efficiency Of Bovine Cloning Univ Of Connecticut 2006
3 1265-31000-091-00D USDA Evaluation Of Genetically Engineered Cattle And Refining Techniques For Producing Them Beltsville Agr Res Center 2009
4 1265-31000-091-02S USDA Improved Efficiency Of Bovine Cloning Univ Of Connecticut 2009
5 1265-31000-091-07S USDA Triple Action Chimera: Eradication Of Nasal S. Aureus By Cell Wall Hydrolases 75 Francis Street 2009
6 1265-31000-092-00D USDA Improvement Of Stem Cell And Nuclear Cloning Technologies In Ungulates Beltsville Agr Res Center 2009
7 1DP2OD007420-01 NIH Cell Competition In The Developing Mouse Germline Diana J. Laird University Of California San Francisco 2010 $2,317,500
8 1F32HD055038-01A1 NIH Generation Of Pluripotent Cells By Reprogramming Of The Somatic Epigenome. Gordon Grant Welstead Whitehead Institute For Biomedical Res 2008 $49,646
9 1K08DK002593-01 NIH Genetic Analysis--Dyserythropoietic Anemia In Zebrafish Barry H. Paw Children's Hospital Boston 1998
10 1K08HL001554-01 NIH Retroviral Mediated Gene Transfer Into Bone Marrow Cells David A. Williams Children's Hospital Boston 1985
11 1K08HL002721-01 NIH In Utero Transduction Of Fetal Hematopoietic Stem Cells David W. Clapp Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ At Indianapolis 1992
12 1K08HL002792-01 NIH Targeted Disruption Of The Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Paul L. Huang Massachusetts General Hospital 1992
13 1K08HL002926-01A1 NIH Regulation Of Thrombopoiesis By Bone Marrow Endothelium Shahin Rafii Weill Medical College Of Cornell Univ 1994
14 1K08HL004233-01 NIH Screen For Lymphoid Mutants Nikolaus S. Trede Children's Hospital Boston 2000 $124,900
15 1K11HL002015-01 NIH Biology Of The Bone Marrow Derived 3a1 Stem Cell Russell E. Ware Duke University 1987
16 1K99DK087923-01A1 NIH Genetic Correction Of Human Beta-Thalassemic Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Eirini Papapetrou Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res 2011 $90,000
17 1P01DK053074-01 NIH Molecular Analysis Of Hematopoiesis Michael Clarke Stanford University 1997
18 1P01HL094374-01A1 NIH Vascularization And Growth Of Human Myocardial Grafts Charles E. Murry University Of Washington 2010 $645,263
19 1P01HL094374-01A1 NIH Translational Model Of Cell-Based Therapy Of R Myocardial Infarction Beverly Jo Torok-Storb University Of Washington 2010 $538,155
20 1R01AI023859-01 NIH Structure Of Monocyte And Granulocyte Antigens Sanna M. Goyert Hospital For Joint Diseases Ortho Inst 1986
21 1R01AI033443-01A1 NIH Regulation Of Nf-Kb And Ikb During B-Cell Development Sankar Ghosh Yale University 1993
22 1R01AM035922-01 NIH Differentiation Of Basophils And Mast Cells Pamela P. Pharr Medical University Of South Carolina 1985
23 1R01CA039036-01 NIH Retinoic Acid--Role In Differentiation And Carcinogenes Lorraine J. Gudas Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 1985
24 1R01CA041510-01 NIH Determinants Of The Oncogenic Potential Of Mcf Viruses Christie A. Holland Univ Of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester 1986
25 1R01CA045339-01 NIH In Vivo Behavior Of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Clones Ihor R. Lemischka Princeton University 1987
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