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  Project Number Source Project Title Principal Investigator Organization Fiscal Year Total Award
1 0110020 NSF Genetic and Biochemical Studies of Ribonucleases H Andrew Campbell Brown University 2001 $100,000
2 0854719 NSF SGER: Proof of concept on using spliced leader to study dinoflagellate gene expression in the ocean Senjie Lin University of Connecticut 2008 $138,000
3 1275-22000-193-00D USDA Molecular Biology Of Agriculturally-Important Viroids Beltsville Agr Res Center 2006
4 1F32AI009293-01 NIH Splice Site Recognition In Trans Splicing Eric L. Christian Case Western Reserve University 1995
5 1F32GM013595-01 NIH Analysis Of Trans-Splicing Using Transgenic C Elegans St Richard G. Brooks Indiana University Bloomington 1990
6 1F32GM069163-01 NIH Structural Insight Into Spliceosome Assembly Nikolas H. Chmiel University Of California Berkeley 2003 $41,608
7 1K11AI000986-01 NIH Regulation Of Transcription In Trypanosomes Alger B. Chapman University Of California San Francisco 1990
8 1P01AI040981-01 NIH Hiv Gene Therapy With Rna Inhibitors Eli Gilboa Duke University 1997
9 1P20GM072015-01 NIH Imaging Single Proteins In Vivo With Quantum Dots (Rmi) Sanford M. Simon Rockefeller University 2004 $722,733
10 1P50CA114747-01 NIH Development Project--Multimodal Imaging Of Mrna In Living Animals Jianghong Rao Stanford University 2005 $51,758
11 1R01AI028798-01 NIH Transcription And Rna Processing In Trypanosomes Elisabetta Ullu Yale University 1990
12 1R01AI028799-01 NIH Gene Expression In Human Parasitic Nematodes Timothy W. Nilsen Case Western Reserve University 1990
13 1R01AI030066-01A1 NIH Stage Specific Transcripts In Human Malaria Parasites Alexandra M. Levitt New York University 1991
14 1R01AI034536-01A2 NIH Expression Of The Leishmania Tarentolae Mini Exon Gene David A. Campbell University Of California Los Angeles 1995
15 1R01AI049558-01 NIH In Vivo Analysis Of Sl Addition In Ascaris Embryos Richard E. Davis College Of Staten Island 2000 $311,250
16 1R01AI050425-01 NIH Molecular Interactions Of The Sl Rna In T.Cruzi Gregory A. Buck Virginia Commonwealth University 2001 $334,938
17 1R01AI053667-01 NIH Transcription Of Protein-Coding Genes In Leishmania Peter John Myler Seattle Biomedical Research Institute 2003 $358,000
18 1R01AI056034-01A1 NIH Kinetoplastid Sl Rna Biogenesis David A. Campbell University Of California Los Angeles 2004 $380,007
19 1R01AI060260-01 NIH Protein Arginine Methylation In Trypanosomes Laurie K. Read State University Of New York At Buffalo 2003 $154,562
20 1R01AI073300-01A2 NIH Trypanosome Class Ii Transcription Pre-Initiation Complex Arthur Gunzl University Of Connecticut Sch Of Med/Dnt 2009 $363,663
21 1R01AR049419-01A1 NIH Dual Aav Vectors For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Therapy Dongsheng Duan University Of Missouri-Columbia 2003 $316,463
22 1R01CA045382-01 NIH Processing And Function Of Polyoma Rna Gordon G. Carmichael University Of Connecticut Sch Of Med/Dnt 1987
23 1R01CA139102-01 NIH Trans-Splicing Of Rna In Endometrail Stroma And Other Tissues Jeffrey Sklar Yale University 2009 $329,317
24 1R01DK044957-01A1 NIH Casein Kinase Ii--Expression, Structure And Function Charles S. Rubin Yeshiva University 1992
25 1R01DK085087-01 NIH The Jazf1 Gene And Type 2 Diabetes Jeffrey Sklar Yale University 2009 $356,828
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